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Waste Reduction Services.


Cleaner Production Programs

These are relevant to all processes, whether licensed or not. Depending on the application, its principles adhere to those of waste management. In many cases, simple commonsense changes can produce spectacular savings. All industries can benefit from this regardless of environmental considerations.

End of Pipe Control

If all other strategies fail, we may be left with "end of pipe" control - ie dust collectors, cyclones, afterburners, scrubbers and absorption methods. These have the advantage of allowing the process to operate optimally but able to control emissions to the specified levels. Each State has its own set of rules regarding emissions and occasionally a control device being used successfully in one State will not be accepted in another. It is worth spending some time on the choice of control option, whether "end of pipe" or using managerial methods, before submitting plans to the authorities.

Liaison with State and Local Authorities on Environmental Matters

In all matters involving State or Local authorities we recommend that you contact us to discuss your requirements. We will help you prepare a document for presentation to the authorities which will address relevant areas of concern.