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National Pollutant Inventory (NPI).

Our Company has provided services to industry assisting with NPI submissions since 1998. If you are uncertain or need help in assembling the necessary data, email us for a free appraisal of your company's NPI status.

The NPI is an Australia-wide inventory of emissions from industry. Larger installations have been required to submit Annual Returns to the NPI since July 1st 1998. Since July 1st 2001, Annual Returns have also been required from smaller installations, based on their usage and emissions.

The relevant tables are available from the NPI - to check whether your operation is required to report, contact the NPI web page using the following link: NPI - Guide to Reporting

All companies are included if they use more than the threshold tonnage of any of the 93 substances listed in Appendix A. For instance, if a small company uses more than 25 tonnes of solvent (VOC) in a financial year, they will need to report to NPI all relevant substances even if their site is not an EPA licensed site. Note that solvent usage as defined by NPI means that the solvent can be included in a mixture for later sale and not necessarily emitted to air.

It is important to gather your NPI information as soon as possible after the 30th of June to allow time for us to complete your calculations and assist with on-site reporting.

* September 30th for Financial year reports, data should be prepared as soon as possible after July 1st.
* March 31st for Calendar year reports, data should be prepared as soon as possible after January 1st.