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Our Company has provided services to industry assisting with Licence applications and compliance issues since the late 1970s. If you are uncertain or need help in assembling the necessary data, email us for a free appraisal.

The new format licences have been in operation since 2010. The new system is simpler in appearance and in format, but the onus is now on the highest officer or CEO of the company to endorse an Annual Performance Statement (APS), which will be publicly available online. This must contain sufficient information to demonstrate compliance with licence conditions, SEPP and any community consultation issues. The EPA have been carrying out regular audits on Licence holders in which they require evidence that all statements made in the Annual Performance Statement (APS) are verifiable. To achieve this, it is necessary to have a documented record confirming that no emissions from the site have contravened any of the Licence conditions. If you have been advised of a forthcoming EPA visit, contact us.

If your company is licenced for emissions of volatiles, we offer a spreadsheet service which will simplify preparation of the APS (Annual Performance Statement) as well as providing data for NPI (National Pollutant Inventory) reporting.

If your company is licenced for emission of combustion products (NOx, CO, etc) direct measurements may be necessary.

The following information will help in preparation of the Annual Performance Statement and other issues relating to licences.

For more information on SEPP:
State Environment Protection Policy (Air Quality Management) No. S240, Gazette 21/12/2001

For more information on the Annual Performance Statement:
APS 1320 (PDF)

For more information on the Licence Assessment Guidelines:
APS 1321 (PDF)

For more information on the Licence Management Guidelines:
APS 1322 (PDF)

For more information on the Landfill Licensing Guidelines:
APS 1323 (PDF)

For more information on the Licensing Reform Program:
APS 1324 (PDF)