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We were previously using the EPA's "AUSPLUME" package as required under the Victorian State Environment Protection Policy (SEPP) until the end of 2013. From January 2014, the EPA converted to the USEPA "AERMOD" package. We have completed this transition and we are now fully functional under the new model.

Given the number, disposition and emission inventories from each of the exhaust stacks on your site and a meteorological file from your locality which contains 12 months of weather data taken at 1-hourly intervals we are able to produce a model showing probable ground level concentrations of solvents, odours, particulate matter etc. to be expected from a site. The emission inventory can be prepared from direct measurements - see our On Site Monitoring page - or in some cases they can be calculated from raw material purchases.

As part of our plume dispersion model we produce isopleths (contours of equal concentration) of ground level concentrations (GLC's) using dedicated software, with these contours overlaid on an aerial view map. This gives an easily read guide to site compliance and a visual assessment of local impact. In addition, a series of maps can be produced showing the effect of changing such features as emission rates, exhaust stack height and discharge velocity. These changes frequently solve problems of compliance and in some cases can spell the difference between acceptance and rejection of an application.


Our report will show whether the calculated ground level concentrations are below the statutory limits. In Victoria, these limits are set in the State Environment Protection Policy (SEPP). These may be viewed directly in PDF form using the following link SEPP (PDF). These limits are presently applied by EPA (Victoria) and have no valid application elsewhere.

Modelling gives a good indication of the environmental impact of the project which EPA previously viewed as a first stage of risk assessment. Currently EPA have been treating SEPP criteria as compliance levels. The primary concern is that the operation will not cause an impact on the beneficial use of the environment or cause complaints from neighbouring zones.

For help with your AUSPLUME or AERMOD modelling requirements, please email us.

Contour maps were prepared using Surfer v9 from: