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Field Monitoring Programs for Industry.

For many years we have supplied exhaust stack emission monitoring services to manufacturing, mining and rural industries in all States of Australia and in New Zealand. In the period 1981 to 1994 we completed more than two thousand projects and more than five thousand individual source analyses using our own field services and under our own NATA registration.

Since 1994 we have dedicated our resources towards providing a comprehensive consulting service and now engage external services for source sampling and analysis. In all field services, operators are registered with the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) in their area of application.

The following list is representative of the more usual tests:

Flow rate and velocity
Using a Pitot tube and differential manometer. Reference - USEPA method #2 and ISO10780.

Using K type thermocouple and digital meter.

Water content
By collection on silica gel and gravimetric analysis (EPAV) and by psychometric methods including USEPA #4 and USEPA ALT 008.

Particulate matter
By isokinetic sampling (either with the filter in-stack or external) followed by the gravimetric methods
of AS4323, USEPA #5 etc., depending on local requirements.

Hydrocarbons and volatile organic solvents (TOC and VOC)
(a) By pre-collection on activated carbon followed by Gas Chromatography with flame ionisation detector (Vic EPA #4230) This is suitable for quantification of separate component.
(b) By direct reading FID instrument with heated sampling line and heated analyser, now available for continuous measurements of compounds with higher boiling points, drying oven exhausts using the method of USEPA 25a.

Odour by dynamic olfactometry
By EPA method AS4323.3, which is the currently approved panel system. The testing team was the first to be accredited by NATA for this new method.

Combustion products
Carbon monoxide and dioxide by non-dispersive infra-red spectroscopy, oxygen by paramagnetic analyser, sulfur oxides by USEPA method #8 and oxides of nitrogen by chemiluminescence.

Heavy metals
Mercury, Lead, Arsenic, Antimony and Cadmium by appropriate isokinetic pre-collection methods followed by atomic absorption spectroscopy-USEPA #29.

Acid and alkaline gases
By isokinetic sampling into impingers followed by spectrophotometry or ion exchange chromatography against standardised reagents.

PolyAromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH's), PolyChlorinated Bisphenols (PCB's) and dioxins
These are collected using the sampling methods of USEPA #23 and analysed by a suitably accredited laboratory.

Other tests
There are many less common items that can be analysed if required. Contact us with details we will advise on appropriate methods.

Fugitive emissions
We can also provide measurements of "fugitive" or un-captured emissions, which are frequently the cause of local complaints.