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Consulting Environmental Chemists.

Mike Lyons & Associates Pty Ltd is a company with 40 years of experience in the field of consulting environmental chemistry. We provide these services to Manufacturing Industries, Mining, Hospitals and Government Departments in Australia and New Zealand.

For the last twenty years we have consolidated operations into a consultancy dealing specifically with environmental matters, acting as a liaison between client and local authorities. When necessary, the company also draws on the expertise of specialised chemists and engineers from allied areas to provide a complete consulting service in the areas of air, water and noise.


Where to find us.

Our main office is based in Hampton, Victoria, Australia. To contact us, please call 03 9598 3803. Pictured here is the view from our "Environmentally Friendly" branch office on Wild Dog Creek, Apollo Bay, Victoria, Australia. We generate our own solar electricity supply, collect rain water and have our own sewage treatment, making us independent of all external services (except voice and email).

Download our Company Brochure (PDF):
Mike Lyons & Associates.pdf